It started out as a few ideas being bounced around – now it’s a multi-million-pound business.

It started out as a few ideas being bounced around – now it's a multi-million-pound business.

Assisted by RNS, Winterton car dealership Richtoy Motorsport Ltd is the brainchild of Richard Clayton and Toyne Fox.

They started their venture in a derelict garage on King Street in Winterton.

While the address remains the same, everything else has changed.

They have purchased neighbouring plots to create a thriving business which employs 15 people and an annual turnover of £3million.

It is a success story witnessed and assisted by RNS' senior partner John Heeney.

He has been the “go to adviser” since helping the business convert from a partnership to a limited company in 2002 and is proud of their success.

For Richard, owning a garage had not been part of the plan when studying Business and Engineering at the University of Hull.

“I met Toyne in 1995 and we bounced some ideas off each other,” Richard said.

“He was self employed as Toyne Fox Motor Engineers and it wasn't until 1997, when I graduated, that we started working together.

“I said to my mum that I was going to set up a garage in Winterton after university and my dad said he would give us three months!

“Here we are today, continuing to look at ways we can grow our business.”

Richtoy Motorsport was established in 1999 as a partnership and they transformed the empty property at 2 King Street.

“We started selling cars in the late 1990s and we also got into the performance sector, selling alloy wheels, body kits and rear spoilers.

“Insurance premiums meant converting a car became too expensive. Besides, we were going into our 30s and maturing too! It was time to move on.

“We were approached by Subaru about becoming a main dealership in February 2017 and it felt right that it would form the next chapter.

“It's meant we needed to be more organised and it has helped develop us as a business.”

As well as being northern Lincolnshire's only Subaru dealers, Richtoy sells petrol and electric trial bikes, has a bodyshop, valet bay, conducts MOTs and services all brands of vehicles.

“We are keen to develop and train our staff and will be adding another one to the workforce to replace a technician as he wants to learn sales.

“It's all about looking forward and this move will give the business opportunities.”

They were excited about the launch of the first self-charging hybrid from Subaru, the Forester e-BOXER, due to launch soon.

“It will be a big and important launch for us.

“We have come a long way since we met in 1995 and John and the team at RNS have supported us in transforming the business, including advice around purchasing neighbouring property.

“They are great people to deal with and I'd like to thank them for what they do.”

John was delighted by their success.

“It is a wonderful part of the job to see a business such as Richtoy grow from such small beginnings to something that is unrecognisable, physically and on a balance sheet,” said John.

“I'd like to congratulate Richard and Toyne on their continuing success and wish them luck with the launch of the new vehicle.”

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